Please Immediately Watch Laverne Cox Dancing To Beyonce At The VMAs

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Laverne Cox Orange is the New Black orange juice

No matter how fiercely you danced to Beyonce's VMAs performance in your home last night, you still won't beat Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black, who was caught dancing like nobody was watching in the audience. But people were watching, and they were definitely enjoying the experience. She was breaking it down. She wasn't as good as Blue Ivy, but she was a close second. Thankfully it was captured on video, and you can watch it play out below.

Laverne's love for the music is infectious. Except apparently not infectious enough to infect the Kardashians. Or the girl sitting behind Laverne who won't stop looking at her phone. Excuse me, you guys! Why aren't you all joining Laverne in her dance-tastic joy? I thought Beyonce music was supposed to unite the world. Of course, that's keeping with the Kardashian-Jenner trend of the evening, considering they were texting during the Ferguson tribute. Not even Beyonce can get them to look entertained?

Come to think of it, extreme boredom seemed to be the overall theme of the night for the entire audience. Every time the camera cut to a celebrity during a performance, they looked like they wished the show would just end already. YOU'RE AT AN AWARD SHOW! CRACK A SMILE! I don't expect everyone to stand up from their seat and shake it like Laverne, but show some appreciation. I know we're all super bummed that nobody twerked on Beetlejuice this year, but that's no reason to sulk.

So props to Laverne for actually looking like she was having a good time. Could she replace Taylor Swift as the new award show dancer? Considering she's not a musician, we probably won't see this kind of thing from Laverne very often, so we won't run the risk of getting sick of it. And heck, I'd still rather watch Taylor dancing like one of those waving inflatables at a car dealership than see another shot of Kim and her boobs looking bored.

Laverne Cox is everything.

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