Lauren Conrad Is Weirdly Topless On The Cover Of Glamour

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On the May cover of Glamour Magazine, The Hills star Lauren Conrad can be seen wearing a tall 1960s hairdo as she covers her naked boobs with her legs and touches her toes. It's a strange pose for her, and not just because we're not used to seeing her so naked. Outside of topless yoga classes, it's a strange pose for anyone.

And what exactly is she wearing on the bottom? Little hot shorts with sparkly leaves stuck to them? Is that the recommended gear for topless yoga?

The accompanying interview clarifies nothing, other than the fact that it's our fault she doesn't practice topless yoga more. “On the vacation to Cabo, I wore a bathing suit on the beach for the first time in years,” she told the lady magazine. “Usually I’m just petrified. A couple of years ago someone zoomed in on my cellulite and it was so mean. I took it really personally. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in L.A. in years because of that.”

O RLY? A Google image search for “Lauren Conrad bikini” tells a different story.

She also took the opportunity to remind us all that “reality show” The Hills was like, totes fake:

“During shooting, the producers would send us quick text messages telling us what to talk about. They couldn’t walk through the shot, so they’d just text me, like, ‘Say something quick about this story line.’ That’s why we were always checking our phones!”

So basically, Lauren Conrad was not playing herself on a normal reality show, but playing a reality show character on a caricature of a reality show, making her “ums” and “likes” part of one of the greatest acting feats of all time, or something. From where does she derive the incredible amounts of focus it must have taken to pull that off? Topless yoga, natch.

(Via Radar Online)