Lauren Conrad Posts Adorable Puppy Pics; Too Bad Miley Cyrus Has Ruined Puppy Porn Forever

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This just in: innocuous (except to books) reality star Lauren Conrad has adopted a puppy. I repeat, Lauren Conrad has adopted a puppy. This adoption was documented, as most celebrity pet adoptions are nowadays, via numerous Instagram photos.

First, Lauren Conrad visited an animal shelter “just to look,” knowing full well that “it never ends that way.”

Then, she picked up the cutest puppy I've ever seen, named him “Fitz,” and proceeded to Instagram the shit out of him:

Over the weekend, he helped her with her laundry:

Jesus Christ.

As cute as this baby dog is, I can't help but feeling an instinctive negativity towards these pictures, because they so closely resemble the blatant puppy porn Miley Cyrus is constantly posting as part of her “everyone look at me” campaign. Lauren even kind of looks like Miley in the first photo! I realize humans have been living with dogs since long before Miley Cyrus was born, and that it's absurd for one terrible Twitter-lebrity to ruin an entire species of animal, but that's just how I feel.

I'm sure the feeling will pass when Miley's fame does, and I will go back to “aw-ing” at pictures of puppies all day, but in the meantime, there are some precautions C-list celebs can take: if you're going to post pics of yourself with a puppy, don't use “retro” filters, don't post a million in a row, and try not to look like Miley Cyrus. Deal?

(Via People)

Photos: Lauren Conrad