Lauren Conrad Says ‘I Don’t Talk To Heidi Montag Anymore,’ Possibly Admitting That Their The Hills Feud Was Fake

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Lauren Conrad Heidi Montag fake enemies The HillsSure, Lauren Conrad‘s doing the press tour for her semi-autobiographical novel The Fame Game, with awkward topless photo shoots punctuated by tidbits about how fake her career-making reality show The Hills actually was. In that context, it makes her odd cover quote for Us Weekly make more sense.

“I Don't Talk to Heidi Montag Anymore” is the “exclusive” quote from LC in the new print Us Weekly, and at first we were scratching our heads as to how this is news. Didn't these frenemies have a huge blowout back in season 3? (We won't soon forget Lauren's most famous line, “You know what you did!”) But here's how Lauren explained her tenuous relationships with her former cast members:

“I don't talk to Heidi. I still hang out with Stephanie [Pratt] a lot. I run into the other girls and say hi, but everyone is so busy doing their own thing. It's nice to see them every once in a while.”

So, does Lauren mean to say that she and Heidi were talking during the years that they were supposedly feuding over her husband Spencer Pratt and sex tape rumors? We wouldn't put it past the producers to instruct Heidi and Lauren just how to act like they hate each other on TV — you know, the way Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton‘s characters constantly feuded in the early seasons of One Tree Hill — but then the girls would still stay in touch off-camera.

It matches up with the photo I posted above, which has always bothered me: It was the promo image for season 5, and yet I couldn't understand how two women who supposedly hated each other could sit through an hours-long photo shoot. Maybe this was all part of some elaborate plotline that we got suckered into believing.

To be clear, I haven't read the print Us Weekly yet, so maybe it's just awkward phrasing and I'm pulling a theory out of my ass. ‘Cause as we learned from OK Magazine‘s misleading Jessica Simpson headline, you don't have to be 100% true to get people's attention.