Laura Prepon Says She ‘Can’t Wait’ To Return To OITNB, Which Totally Toys With My Emotions

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Laura Prepon Alex Vause OITNB Please Don't Leave

If you haven't binge-watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black, then I feel sorry for you because you have no idea what you're missing!  Rumors have been swirling lately about Laura Prepon‘s possible departure from the show, which, if you're a fan of OITNB then you know how devastating this is.  Not to mention kind of bewildering for the writers and the show creator, since she's one of the main reasons the show even exists.

Anyway, Prepon decided to be especially emotionally manipulative this weekend by countering those rumors with an “I'll see you these lies and raise you a vague answer” response:

“I know what’s happening, but I can’t spoil anything,” she said. “But I’m definitely coming back for season two. I know there’s a lot floating around, but I can’t wait to get back there. It’s exciting.”

According to Buzzfeed, Prepon's character Alex is probably only making an appearance in the season premiere.  That's one hour.  One hour to explain her departure in a way that makes sense within the show, and to also tie up the loose ends of my emotions.  Ridiculous, right?  Well Prepon is a Scientologist in real life, and we all know how fucking weird Scientologists are.  Not to mention not very LGBT-friendly, which is why her cult church has a problem with her role in the first place.  Woof.

Here's what will happen if Prepon leaves OITNB now: The show will continue to take off and gain more viewers, it will become nominated for a bajillion Emmys next year, and Laura Prepon will become the Brian Dunkleman of Netflix.  The end.

Here's hoping season two will be full of Alex/Piper drama galore.  Another request for season 2? More Red!

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