Laura Prepon Is Coming Back To OITNB Full-Time, And We Can All Pat Ourselves On The Back For It

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Laura Prepon Alex Vause OITNBHas there ever been a saga as epic and emotionally draining as the “Is Laura Prepon leaving Orange is the New Black or not?” saga? I don't think so. We've gone from thinking we'd only see Alex Vause for one more episode to thinking we'd see her for a few more episodes to thinking we'd see her for most of the next season but maybe not more. And now it turns out she'll be back full-time for season three. Phew, that was a lot.

Here's what Buzzfeed is reporting about Laura's triumphant return to the show:

After the show became Netflix’s biggest hit, and the tidal wave of viewer sorrow nearly drowned Prepon, Netflix, and the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, the plan was rejiggered for Prepon to return for four Season 2 episodes (instead of a mere one), and to leave things open for heavier involvement in the presumed third season.

Guys, did you read that part about viewer sorrow? That's talking about us and all the tears we cried over not being able to ogle Alex's eyebrows anymore. It “nearly drowned” her! We nearly drowned a TV star in our sadness. Aren't you so proud of yourself? I know I am. Where should I list this on my LinkedIn profile? Is it impressive enough that I should tell people about it as an icebreaker? I wish another beloved star would be rumored to be leaving their show so I can try this out again. Maybe I'm a wizard. Is my Hogwarts letter late?

Anyway, back to the show. A third season isn't for sure yet, but considering how amazing it's been for Netflix and how excited everyone got about the second season trailer, I'm betting it'll happen. Now that Laura has corrected this egregious mistake, join me in continuing to pray that the new rumors about her dating Tom Cruise are made up. And just try to generally forget that she's a Scientologist. Focus on the eyebrows, people. Focus on the eyebrows.

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