Rejoice, For Laura Prepon Is Being Written Into More Episodes Of OITNB Season 2

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Orange Is The New Black season one castIt's been a rough three months for fans of Orange Is The New Black and tadpole eyebrows, as Laura Prepon was rumored to be leaving the show at first, but then confirmed to be returning for only one episode in its second season. We were angry, of course, at Laura betraying us after she'd gotten everyone so invested in her character, Alex Krause, but it was a confusing time because we didn't know where to direct that anger.

We tried being grumpy with Laura, but then she gave a statement that she was really looking forward to returning and we were like OH MAN WE CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU. And then we tried shaking our fists at Scientology because of the rumor they didn't like her playing a lesbian character and asked her to leave the show, but people have been getting angry at them for years without result, so we gave it up pretty quickly. And finally we lapsed into a kind of stupor, drifting about our days as normal, but in a kind of fog. Living, sort of — but sleepwalking.

But awake, friend, awake! For it turns out Laura will return for not one, not two, not three, but four episodes in OITNB‘s second season! Huzzah and a hoopla! She starts filming this week in New York City, and she's even in talks to return for season three. Oh sweet Lord of Netflix Miracles, thank you. Thank you ever so much.

And we even get an explanation for all the dilly-dallying! When Laura first signed on for season one, she decided not to be a series regular because she wanted to keep her schedule free enough to give her time to direct her first film. So by the time the show blew up (becoming Netflix's most-watched series, interestingly enough), she was already dead-set on that idea, as devastating as that was to fans of the Alex – Piper – Larry love triangle.

BUT. After months of speculation and will-she-won't-she and fraught back-and-forths, it turns out that Laura's directing schedule isn't as prohibitive as they originally thought, and everyone is able to work around everyone else. GLORY! So now Alex is back in action, the story is steering away from just Piper and becoming more of an ensemble show, and all is right in the world. Oh and I can go back to sleeping soundly at night, at least until they announce the premiere date in 2014.

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