Laura Linney to star in “C Word” series for Showtime

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Laura LinneySHOWTIME has decided to push the envelope a little with a new half-hour series starring Laura Linney (John Adams, The Truman Show) about a woman diagnosed with cancer.

The working title of the pilot is The C Word, SHOWTIME announced earlier this week. A pilot has been ordered and will be shot in the fall.

Linney will star and executive produce the show, which follows the emotional ups and downs of a suburban wife and mother who is given a “wake-up call” that shakes her life to the very core when she is diagnosed with cancer. This is her first starring role in a TV series.

Why is this show pushing the envelope? Well, it's a dark comedy.

“Laura Linney is in that rare echelon of truly gifted actresses who fully embody the characters they play and we are honored to welcome her to SHOWTIME,” says SHOWTIME Networks President of Entertainment Robert Greenblatt. “Cancer is not usually the subject of half-hour comedy, but Laura saw what we did in this complex show — a woman who gets a wake-up call that causes her to shake up her life and family. She will no doubt make this character both heartbreaking and disarmingly funny, and we’re thrilled that she has chosen this show for her foray into series television.”

Linney explains why the role interests her:

How one lives fully while being tested by the unpredictability of life, and what one learns in the process, is always filled with endless possibilities for an actor,” says Linney. “I am very excited to tackle such potentially rich, funny and complicated material.”

I can see how this show could be interesting. I have a cousin who is going through breast cancer treatments right now and when I think of the idea of this show, I think about her. I think she could find it relatable as far as what Linney's character is going through, and I can see it as a way to open dialogue up about cancer, the dreadful “C” word. If the show is done properly, it could be something people talk about, and anything that can help the fight against cancer I'm all for.

Watcing Linney in other movies, she's always come across to me as someone “real.” So for this particular project, I think she's a good person to handle the role.

Linney earned Emmys for her work on Frasier and in SHOWTIME's Wild Iris. She starred most recently in the Emmy®-winning HBO mini-series John Adams — her performance as Abigail Adams earned her Emmy®, Golden Globe® and SAG® Award wins. She earned Oscar® nominations for her work in Kinsey, You Can Count on Me and The Savages.

Other film credits include The Truman Show, Love Actually, Mystic River. I remember her most for her films with Richard Gere including Primal Fear and The Mothman Prophecies. Currently, Linney is filming The Details, which also stars Tobey McGuire.

The C Word was created by Darlene Hunt, who has written for shows including Will & Grace and Good Morning, Miami, and has consulted for The CW's 90210. She developed numerous pilots for network and cable. Other executive producers include Neal H. Moritz and Vivian Cannon. Moritz's experience includes Sweet Home Alabama, The Fast & The Furious and I Am Legend) along with work on Prison Break and Tru Calling.

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