Just Some Photo Proof That Katie Holmes Should Hire A Nanny For Suri Cruise

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Suri Cruise Katie Holmes BroadwayI'm worried about Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise. Last year I expressed concern that the two might spend too much time together — that perhaps they're both at the point in their life when they should start making other friends. Friends born in the same decade perhaps. After I wrote that post Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, canceled her subscription to Scientology Weekly and moved Suri Cruise to New York City.

For weeks after the divorce we heard rumors that Katie Holmes planned to raise her like a normal millionaire child — and not like some celebrity millionaire child. What's the difference? Well normal millionaire children usually only have one horse. Celebrity millionaire children have entire stables, on islands they own, in oceans only rich people know about. It's a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless.

This past fall, Katie even went as far as to enroll Suri in school and get herself a job on Broadway. Everything appeared to be going well. Until I saw this photo last night of Katie Holmes carrying Suri Cruise home after her show ended.

While I initially worried that Suri Cruise contracted that horrid disease that Colin has in Secret Garden that prevents him from walking without performing black magic, I realized that it's more likely Suri just hates the crowds and the paparazzi. That's normal for a 6-year-old. I see Katie Holmes carrying her as a sign that she's protective of her daughter. 3 points for good parenting.

But here's my issue. Why was Suri even there in the first place? Does Broadway have a bring your child to work year policy? If not, I don't really understand why she's not home with a nanny. It's not like she's spending quality time with her mother during the performance. And it's not like she appears to enjoy leaving the performance. In fact, I'd go as far to say she looks scared.

So why not let her spend her night at home with a nanny? I'm not saying I want the job, but I'm also not saying that I'm unavailable to work nights.

(Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN.com)