Last Night Proved That It’s Time To Let The Funny Women Run The Emmys

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“How great were last night's Emmys!? I can't wait to go home and rewatch them!” probably isn't something you'll  hear today. As with every award show, there was almost-funny on-stage banter,  a few poignant speeches and one censored f-bomb. But the only truly awesome moments of the show came from the funny women of television.

Women like Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lena Dunham — who we love and adore and obsess over to the point where we confuse our fanship with a real friendship. I know I'm not the only one feels like she has 16 inside jokes with Mindy Kaling and 3 memories of sleepovers with Lena Dunham from middle school that only happened in my head.

They're not only funny and talented and successful, but they always manage to come off as totally relatable. Like they're just as surprised by the Hollywood fanfare of award shows as we are. Manicams? Awkward interviews with Ryan Seacrest? Time in the spotlight to thank their managers? They look at it all with a side eye. Sure, they appreciate being there. But they don't understand the need for a solemn night filled with self-congratulatory speeches.

Maybe, I'm possibly transferring some of my feelings about award shows to my favorite people, but for the sake of my argument, let's go with it.

The show kicked off with what ended up being the funniest sketch of the evening. An opening video that featured everyone who's anyone in my lady crush book. Kathy Bates, Ellen DeGeneres, Mindy Kaling, Christina Hendricks, Martha Plimpton and a very naked Lena Dunham.


Despite the fact that the video meant to introduce Jimmy Kimmel as the host, I think we all felt transfixed by the image of Lena Dunham eating cake in a toilet stall, wearing nothing but her bravery and super chic short haircut. Despite the fact that naked Lena Dunham eating cake would be a much more interesting host to stare at all night, the show carried on with their original plan of Jimmy Kimmel as host.

I think we can all agree that he did fine. Not great, but fine. I mean, no one got offended so I guess that's good.

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