Last Night On SNL Zooey Deschanel Proved She Can Make Fun Of Herself

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SNL let Zooey Deschanel really be herself last night. She wore vintage dresses and sang a funny love song on the ukulele. She did sketches about eras past. And she also proved she isn't afraid of making fun of herself by performing in a sketch depicting a new show where Zooey teaches you how to be just as quirky as she is (complete with Zooey's inexplicable random animal noises). Here is Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel and a few of the night's other top sketches.

No one really knows what all the abbreviations they rattle off on cell commercials mean; when a commercial becomes more like a word problem then a sales pitch, it's time to pick a product based on how shiny it is. Best moment: spontaneous unexplained juice metaphor.

A backwards world where Zooey is the one who can't follow other people's strange speech patterns. I think she might have had something with the birth-insult.

For someone who already has a celeb twin (Katy Perry) Zooey looks and awful lot like Mary-Kate Olsen in a blond wig. While her impression was great, the star of this segment is Taran Killan as Michael Cera. He's mastered Cera's art of ending a sentence not by stopping talking but by talking increasingly softer until he becomes inaudible. Side note: I think this show would be a hit on IFC.