10 Times Larry Wilmore Has Made Me Pee My Pants

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As the late night shows shuffle around, there has been a lot of talk about adding some diversity to the predominately white, male hosts. After much speculation, it was announced that Larry Wilmore will be taking over Stephen Colbert‘s 11:30pm spot on Comedy Central in 2015. The show replacing The Colbert Report will be cleverly be titled The Minority ReportAs the Senior Black Correspondent since 2006, Wilmore is a familiar face to Daily Show fans, but you might recognize him from the Diversity Day episode of The Office where he hilariously played Mr. Brown or maybe you know him from Happy Endings or even The Bernie Mac Show.

Our cries for diversity were not overlooked by Comedy Central as the show description for The Minority Report currently reads:

The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore’ will provide viewers with a distinct point of view and comedic take on the day’s news from a perspective largely missing in the current late night landscape. The series will feature a diverse panel of voices currently underrepresented in comedy and television.

Hooray!  I couldn't be happier. As an avid fan, I can tell you that Larry Wilmore has been a highlight of The Daily Show for years and is an incredibly talented individual. I am very excited for his sharp, honest, funny takes on day's news.

Now as we wait patiently for this show to finally premiere, let's look back at all the time Larry Wilmore made us laugh.

1. Talking about Obama's 2008 campaign



I'm just obsessed with the vision of Obama in mom jeans.

2. Talking about Obama's campaign, again



It's true, we do love it.

3. Talking about that time Madonna called her son the N-word on Instagram



Larry Wilmore put it much funnier and clearer than I did.

4. Talking about how people use Martin Luther King as an “Imaginary Black Yes-Man”




5. Talking about how two Black teens were stopped an detained after purchasing items at Barney's



Yeah! WTF, Barney's.

6. Talking about a poll of a “colorblind” America



7. Just talking on The Office



Remember when Michael Scott thought his name was a trick?

8. Talking about if adding black faces to Mitt Romney's campaign would help with the black vote



9. Talking about Stand Your Ground and double standards



10. His hilarious Wilmore Awards segment on The Daily Show

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