LAPD: Lindsay Lohan’s Driver Accident Not Considered Hit And Run

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Lindsay Lohan’s driver accidentally hit a photographer with Lindsay’s BMW while leaving a Hollywood club late Saturday night.

It appears from a video on x17online.com, that the photographer¬† was standing too close to the vehicle (as all of the paparazzi do) when Lindsay’s driver left Hotel Cafe. When the female driver started going, the photographer wasn’t quite out of the way. According to the video, it appears that the photographer called Koko hurt his hand and may have had his feet ran over. At the scene, he was complaining of his hand and wrist hurting.

Lindsay’s driver sped off from the scene, but according to CBS, Lindsay’s assistant did call the Los Angeles Police Department to report the accident.

LAPD officer Norma Eisenman of the Media Relations Section also told CBS that LAPD took a report and did not consider the case to be a hit and run.

Meanwhile, the photographer is now telling TMZ that he plans to sue.

While the driver should not have sped off, there needs to be some kind of rule about how close the paparazzi get to their vehicle’s. Many times I’ve watched videos of Lindsay or other celebrities trying to leave a location, and the paparazzi are practically on top of their cars.