Lana Del Rey Can’t Take A Hint, Will Perform On American Idol

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Lana Del Rey performing on American Idol whyWatching Lana Del Rey keep futilely trying to kickstart her career has progressed from merely embarrassing to cringeworthy. First she tanked on Saturday Night Live — with even Brian Williams publicly calling her out on it — and even though she did OK on Letterman, the hard truth is that she should be working on putting out an album instead of booking TV performances she's obviously not ready for. Instead, Lana — or, more likely, her camp forcing her into it — has decided to perform on American Idol.

MJ's Big Blog reports that Lana's name is printed on the audience tickets for this Thursday's taping, along with Demi Lovato and Daughtry. That means she'll either be one of the performers this week, or she's pre-taping her appearance for a future episode.

With her track record, please let it be pre-taping. I'm sorry, but she's only shooting herself in the foot right now. It's obviously a difficult situation—with the edict of “fake it til you make it,” you want to show yourself as game for any challenge that comes your way. I've been in that situation with playwriting contests that I'm tempted to submit to even though my work might only be a first draft, because who knows when that opportunity will come again? Multiply that by like a thousand since it's Hollywood, and throw in the fact that these TV shows are approaching Lana's people, not the other way around.

But they're approaching her because she's a hot commodity through internet hype, not because of her talent. And if she continues to play into that cycle, she'll only give the media more ammunition to write her off as a fluke of misguided hype. Less than even a one-hit wonder!

Lana may not even be that — consider that she's already had to reinvent herself when she couldn't hack it as her real identity, Lizzie Grant — but she should've learned the second time around to take the time and make herself the best package possible.