Lamar Odom Just Got A DUI, So I Guess This Is More Than A Kris Jenner Fever Dream

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Lamar Odom attending Tribeca Film Festival April 2012It's a testament to the power I imagine Kris Jenner wielding that when I started hearing so much about Lamar Odom and his alleged struggles with drugs, part of me imagined that it was Kris leaking stories. It took him getting arrested for a literal DUI for me to acknowledge that she might not actually be ahead of this story.

There have been rumors for years now about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar being on the rocks — which I guess is a hazard when you get married after a few weeks of dating — so I thought maybe the drug stuff was being fed to the press intentionally to draw attention from the cheating allegations. Of which there are many, but I'm referring specifically to the ones from Jennifer Richardson, who says she carried on a relationship with Lamar for almost a year and that the Kardashians knew about it.

At this point, there's very little that I think Kris is incapable, so when people started saying that Lamar has an addiction to drugs, specifically crack cocaine, I was like, “damn, girl, get a load of that spin machine”. It just seemed like such convenient timing to explain away Khloe kicking Lamar out of the house and the announcement of their subsequent separation a few days ago, that I could hardly believe it.

But now I'm finally realizing that this isn't a joke or an angle, because at 3:54am PST, Lamar was arrested on the 101 freeway for driving too slowly — about 50mph — and in a ‘serpentine manner'. He initially did not respond to police attempts to stop his vehicle, passing three exits before he eventually pulled over. At that point, after showing signs of intoxication, he failed numerous field sobriety tests and was taken to a nearby station and booked. He refused all chemical tests (which is apparently a choice you can opt for??) and was held on $15,000 bail and released around 10:00am PST, apparently.

Welp, hopefully this is a wake-up call, since he miraculously didn't hurt anyone, and I will be more careful about endowing Kris Jenner with all-powerful qualities in the future. Silver linings?

(Image: PNP / WENN.com)