Lady Gaga Will Help Drop The Ball In Times Square On New Year’s Eve

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In case you need one more reason to avoid Times Square on New Year's Eve, here it is: Lady “New York is my husband” Gaga will help mayor-for-life Mike Bloomberg drop the crystal adorned ball this Saturday night. I say “avoid” not because I dislike Gaga but because the place will already be a mob scene…can you imagine what it'll be like once they throw some teeming throngs of Gaga fans into the mix? She'll also be performing on ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2012.”

For her part, the singer is stoked. “I'm so looking forward to performing on NYE+dropping the ball with Mayor Bloomberg!” she tweeted earlier today. “What an honor as a New Yorker!”

Gags will be joining the likes of Bill and Hilary Clinton, Colin Powell, and Rudy Giuliani in pushing the giant Waterford Crystal button at precisely 11:59, beginning the big, sparkly ball's descent. Which makes me wonder: what happens if the button-pusher fucks it up? Will we be a few seconds behind for the whole of 2012? Will we have to drop it a little early next year to make up for it? It's a good thing it probably doesn't even really control the ball.

(Via The New York Post)