Lady Gaga Gets Puked On As Part Of Her Performance, Has Officially Run Out Of Ideas

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Lady Gaga vomit SXSW

I think maybe it's time that Lady Gaga reinvented herself as a lady who sits on a stool and plays guitar while wearing clogs and a cardigan, because at this point that would probably be more shocking than anything she's choosing to do these days. Take, for instance, her new performance at SXSW, in which she sang “Swine” while someone vomited on her. But… I just… why? Please explain.

If it eases your mind at all, I'll clarify that this appears to have been a planned puking. It wasn't some wild fan who'd had too much to drink and mistook the stage for the bathroom and Gaga for a toilet. And it also wasn't Gaga vomiting on herself, which she's of course already done. The perpetrator this time was a woman by the name of Millie Brown, who is actually a “vomit painter.” This is a thing that exists in the world, you guys. She drinks colored milk and then throws it up onto canvases, because ART(pop). Gaga has collaborated with Millie before, which means she's really run out of ideas and is now just reaching back into her repertoire and picking things she thinks people maybe forgot about or missed the first time.

One thing I will give her credit for is wearing an apron over her lingerie during the puking. Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to having someone yak green milk all over you. I guess “do what you want with my body” means “go ahead and puke on it.” More than once, of course. Because if you thought the green vomit was it, boy are you in for a surprise. She and Millie also get on a mechanical bull together, and Millie spits up a little (okay more than a little) black stuff for good measure. So go forth, watch the video, question your life choices, and go back to whatever you were doing.

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