Happy Monday! Let’s Watch Lady Gaga Vomit On Stage While She Continues To Perform

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During a concert in Barcelona, Spain this weekend Lady Gaga revived a blah concert by throwing up on stage during “Edge of Glory.” Like a magician who senses their audience knows all their tricks, she pulled the classic projectile move that guarantees everyone will be talking about the show long after it's over.

It also also guarantees multiple headlines with global sensation and fellow-thrower-upper Justin Bieber. And we all know that every time Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga appear together in the same article, an ironic indie band on the brink of making it breaks up over a fight on if the lead singer should go for the Carey Mulligan haircut or the Lena Dunham.

I think everyone can agree that standard “watch me sing and dance” concerts are getting old. Just like flash mobs, they've lost their energy and their pizazz. Any old performer with access to a fog machine, hologram technology and a sound system can throw a decent concert.

We want excitement, we want surprise and most importantly we want projectile vomiting in the middle of a performance. And we don't want that performance to stop simply because the singer's throwing up. No, she better keep dancing and moving and acting like this is all part of the show.

Lady Gaga gets that. She always gets what we want before we know that we want  it. It's how she continues to amaze us concert after concert after concert. She's always doing something new and different and edgy.

Today it's a little live vomiting, next week it's a little live liver transplant. She's truly our generation's version of Madonna's arms — a reinvention machine who never stops shocking us with her ability to keep blowing our minds.