Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Break Up, She Responds In The Least Surprising Way Possible

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Lady Gaga

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Today we heard some tragic news: Lady Gaga has broken up with the boyfriend I forgot she had, actor Taylor Kinney. Their love game is over. (See what I did there?) It's ok, internet, we'll get through this together.

Apparently, it was Taylor who dumped Gaga, because her workaholic habits kept them from spending time together. Their relationship has reportedly been fizzling for months. According to our totally unreliable and mysterious friend “source,” Lady Gaga is so busy that she “writes songs in the shower and dreams up new outfits in her sleep.” You know what? That is probably true.

But the source also tells us that there is still hope for the couple, if only they can escape from Gaga's pesky entourage and get some time to themselves. So I guess this isn't a permanent breakup? It's just… a bad romance. Sorry, I'm done with the puns now, I promise.

Taylor and Gaga met when he starred in her video for “You & I.” Other than that, he's best known for his roles on The Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire. Back in March, another mysterious source told the world that Gaga and Taylor might be getting married soon. I guess that just goes to show you that you can never trust those sources. Which means you can't trust this news either. Ugh, how do we even know what's real anymore?!

Lady Gaga Teeth Youtube Music Awards 2013

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And just in case you thought this devastating breakup might have led to a major change in Gaga, fear not. She responded in the only way she knows how: wearing a bizarre outfit in public. Nothing to see here folks, move along. It's just Lady Gaga looking crazy at the first ever YouTube Music Awards. Although the interesting mouthpiece that Lady Gaga is wearing here looks kind of like a cross between dentures and and a grill, so maybe there's some kind of statement about love and aging that I'm missing?

And just when you thought love was dead and you knew what was going on, the plot thickens. This appears to be a GIF of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney sharing a kiss at the YouTube Music Awards. I don't know, do with that what you will.