Lady Gaga’s Sexist Relationship Advice Is Even More Shocking Than Her Stage Persona

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Lady Gaga I'm not your babe

Or are you…?

We can all agree that Lady Gaga's shock value is drying up like a raisin these days, right? She's resorted to basically copying and pasting from her old videos to make her new ones, and at SXSW a couple of weeks ago she just threw in the towel and was like, “Let's just have somebody throw up on me or something.” Whenever she does anything in her career to get attention at this point, I just roll my eyes. But these latest comments about what she thinks of gender roles in relationships do shock me, because they really go against the messages of empowerment Gaga seems to want us to read into much her music and persona.

During an interview on Sirius XM's The Morning Mashup, Gaga was asked if she takes on a submissive role in her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney, and she replied that she most definitely does. Wait… what? Did Gaga pull a Freaky Friday with Michelle Duggar or Candace Cameron? Here's what she had to say:

“He's totally in charge. I mean, when I am home, I am like, shoes are off, I'm making him dinner. He has a job, too, and he is really busy!”

The “barefoot and pregnant” implications of that “shoes are off” comment are creepy on their own, but what about this suggestion that when two hard-working, employed people are in a relationship, the man is somehow by default the one who gets to relax while the woman waits on him? I'm not saying Gaga shouldn't make dinner for her boyfriend if that's what she wants to do, but the fact that she views it as her duty because he's a man and he's busy (as if she's not) is so archaic and frankly pretty surprising coming out of her mouth.

But that wasn't all. She also gave some advice to all the women out there listening that you should never tell a man what to do in a relationship:

“I'm in charge all day long, the last thing I want to do is tell him what to do…It's not good for relationships to tell men what to do.”

If you replaced “men” with simply “the other person,” that statement would be fine. But once again she's suggesting that her boyfriend's possession of a penis gives him special rights that she doesn't get. Call me naive, but I expected more from Lady Gaga. Isn't she all about embracing who you are and not letting other people define you and girl power and owning your sexuality and all that jazz? Just yesterday I expressed similar disappointment when I included her on my list of female celebrities who misinterpret the meaning of feminism. And unfortunately it looks like she still doesn't get it. Just how deep does that persona of hers go? Is she actually a Fox News anchor in disguise?

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