Lady Gaga Says She Was Never ‘A Lazy Drug Addict,’ Dislikes Food

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New York Magazine spent 125 minutes with Lady Gaga and, per the usual, she used the time to shock, awe and manipulate the media a la predecessor Madonna. Here are are some highlights of New York’s Gaga encounter:

  • On her pre-fame starving artist days: “I wasn’t a lazy drug addict. I would make demo tapes and send them around; then I would jump on my bike and pretend to be Lady Gaga’s manager. I’d make $300 at work and spend it all on Xeroxes to make posters.”
  • On preparing for shows at New York’s Knitting Factory with one-time collaborator Lady Starlight: “Lady Starlight and I would spin vinyl in my apartment, sewing our bikinis for the show and listening to David Bowie and the New York Dolls. We thought, ‘What could we do to make everybody so jealous?’ We did it, and everybody was so jealous. And they still are.”
  • On relocating from New York to Los Angeles: “What am I supposed to do, canoodle with celebrities at a nightclub, with a lemon-drop Midori in my hand? It’s not the same as being in a bar that smells like urine with all your really smart New York friends.”
  • On her favorite food: “I’m a pop singer. I don’t like food at all.”
  • On the weirdest thing she ever signed: “A dick, at a gay club.”

In the comments section, someone by the moniker “DEKALBGUY86” took a moment to clear up some things about Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta:

1. Stefani is not bisexual, she merely says that for press.

2. I would highly doubt that she told her parents to stop giving her money. They, just like most parents of NYU students, funded her “education.” (Yes, that includes a nasty drug habit in the back rooms of Lit)

3. She didn’t “drop out” of Tisch. She switched programs and started working hard core on her music.

4. Yes, us smart New Yorkers miss you and your trashy self too. What happened hunny? Pic up the phone.

Lady Gaga, pick up the Telephone! Remember where you came from, yo.