Lady Gaga Posts Underwear Photos And ‘Confession’ To Make Fans Feel Better About Their Bodies

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Lady Gaga is an easy figure to mock. The high falutin' way she talks about pop music, her constant sartorial cries for attention, and the way she generally behaves like an overgrown theater kid are all fertile ground for some friendly hole-poking. But one thing about her that I will never make fun of is her well-documented struggles with weight and body image, so when a bunch of blogs ran photos of “Fat Lady Gaga” recently, I sat out that particular news cycle in disgust.

Now, Gaga has hit back at all the nasty fat-shamers by making a new section of her website called “Body Revolution” wherein fans are invited to post photos of themselves and talk about their own struggles and triumphs with their physical self-image. Gaga started things off with a series of photos of herself in some cute yellow underwear and some inspiring words:

On the one hand, it's easy to be cynical about anything Lady Gaga does to overshare and/or draw attention to herself for being OMG SO REAL and EMPOWERED and ANTI-BULLY and stuff. (Plus, she looks good in the pictures! According to normative standards of beauty, even.)

On the other hand, it seems like this might have the power to genuinely help Gaga's young fans, who are already posting comments like this one:

I can't stop crying. Gaga i'm battling the same thing right now; you met me in Sydnney the first thing you said to me was ” Oh my God you're so skinny” And from then on i've been trying to recover so much but it's been killing me, i've been relapsing a lot lately and all i do iscry about my body and i feel like i wish i never did recover but this. looking at this is making me strong. You inspire me. If you can be strong, i can too. Thankyou for helping me. Thankyou for everything.

You'd have to be a pretty bad person to shit on something that's helping kids through their hellish adolescent years, even if Gaga is aggrandizing herself in the process, so I have to give her props. Not that she needs my validation, or anything.

(Via Little Monsters)