V Magazine Photoshopped Ribs Onto Lady Gaga Because Everything Is Terrible (NSFW)

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Lady Gaga shaking her head no GIF(via)

The unedited photos from a V Magazine shoot have leaked, and I regret to inform you that the magazine elected to Photoshop ribs onto Lady Gaga. Facepalm.

The edited version of this photo, shot by Mario Testino, appeared on the cover of an issue of the magazine that went on sale September 2009, and showed Gaga fake-tanned and naked aside from strategically placed pom-poms from a bright pink, poodle-like headdress. Her back is arched, her eyes are heavily-lidded, her mouth is parted seductively…and she is skinny as all shit.

At least, that's how she looks in the version that made it to the magazine. In the NSFW original photo that just leaked, she's just a regular amount of skinny, which apparently didn't cut it for V. Even though Gaga likely worked out multiple hours a day and counted calories to achieve the incredible figure she had in the originals (and also real life), the magazine's Photoshop team apparently decided that that was good enough. So what if you have absolutely zero cellulite, a flat belly, and enviably toned arms? That all means nothing if we can't see your rib bones through your damn skin.

Lady Gaga before and after pictures Photoshopped Mario Testino shoot V Magazine 2009

(Photo: Mario Testino for V Magazine)

Obviously Lady Gaga gets Photoshopped quite a bit, but this is the most offensive example of it that I've seen. It's one thing to change the lighting or the contrast or to smooth over a line that is confusing to the eye in a photograph. It's quite another to Photoshop emaciation into a picture, particularly when it's of someone who has openly struggled with eating disorders.

It's a pretty safe assumption that if she was posing nude for a magazine, Gaga had gotten herself to a place where she felt good about and loved her body, maybe let's cool it with the whole making her look more like a skeleton thing. So much flesh has been shaved off the curve of her spine that it becomes physically impossible for Gaga to have even been holding herself up. Scarytown.

I just…come on, you guys. You have to be more responsible than this. If you've decided she's sexy enough to appear naked on your cover, maybe she's also sexy enough to go without a round of Photoshop: Hunger Strike Edition.