Lady Gaga Posts Another Nude Photo, This Time With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney…Could This Be Phase 2 Of Her Plan?

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As part of her ongoing efforts to up her hetero sex appeal, Lady Gaga has posted yet another artsy nude of herself, this time with all-but-confirmed boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Who does she have to blow on camera to make you people think she's hot?

Simply captioned “T and Me,” the photo is a departure from Gaga's usual practice of pretending she's some kind of polysexual sparkle creature from space that reproduces by rubbing its male and female organs together. Unfortunately, the photo is still not very sexy…I'm not sure if he's kissing her, or breathing life into a beautiful monster fetus.

Gaga's always been a savvy PR lady, and I think this represents a new phase in her “photos of self” strategy. By presenting herself as a human woman with something so quotidian as a boyfriend, she's trying to make herself more relatable, as well as more fuckable. Because if you can picture Taylor Kinney sexing her, you should be able to picture yourself doing it too, or something. But because she is Lady Gaga, she still has to do this in her own strange and theatrical way, which is somewhat counterproductive to her goals. If she really wants to convince us she is dating this guy, she should release some photos of them doing normal stuff together, like cooking dinner or wearing jeans, or even having ¬†some good, old fashioned sex. But unlike everyone in the above photo, I'm certainly not going to hold my breath.

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