Why Lady Gaga Is Packing Her Bags: 10 Celebs Who Might Move For Marijuana

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As Halle Berry would say, “come on… sometimes you smoke some pot.” (Seriously. Watch the clip below.) And to that, all the stars featured in this gallery would say, “well since you mention it… can you pass me that?”

Since the legislation for recreational use of marijuana has passed in Colorado and Washington, it's time to make our predictions as to which celebs will be packing their bags and following that trail of smoke leading to these Meccas of Mary Jane. It's pretty much a given that Snoop Dogg Lion (I'm still having trouble getting used to his new name) has got realtors in both states on speed dial at this point, but who else will be making the move? Lady Gaga? Miley Cyrus? Let's take a look.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)