Lady Gaga Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Ripping Off Madonna Songs

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I think we might have run out of different songs in the universe, guys, because it seems like people are just starting to sample old ones and release them under new names. I don't know if it's because they're being unconsciously influenced, if it's blatant plagiarism, or if we're all just way off-base, but it can't stop, won't stop happening. Annnd the most recent name to come up (again) is Lady Gaga. Now there's a girl with a healthy respect for her fellow artist, Madonna! Such a healthy respect that she frequently puts out material that sounds strikingly similar to stuff that Madge already has out. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, guys!

As you may recall, Gaga previously got heat in the media and from members of Madonna's fan base for her song ‘Born This Way', which many people felt was a rip-off of Madonna's ‘Express Yourself'. And now she's back in the spotlight again for her song ‘Applause', which it's being contended sounds suspiciously similar to ‘Girl Gone Wild', a Madonna song released on MDNA back in 2012. Both are kind of Euro-poppy and echo-y and definitely share a predilection for unimaginative lyrics, but some people are saying the similarities extend even further than that.

Before we delve into this, I should admit that I'm not super qualified to judge this because A. I think ‘Applause' kinda blows as a song, ergo I haven't listened to it enough times to be able to draw an accurate conclusion, and B. I'm ultra-biased on account of not being a fan of either of these ladies across the board. Not their music, not their rabid fan bases, and not their personas. So with all that in mind, I'm gonna leave the judging to you. So hop to it all you Little Monsters and…Madge-pies? (Sure, I like that.) Listen to this mash-up of the two songs together, and tell me where I'm wrong. No matter which fanbase you're from, I have no doubt you'll find yourselves up to that task.

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