Kelly Osbourne Isn’t Ready To Make Up With Lady Gaga, But Apparently Sharon Osbourne Is

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Lady Gaga Sharon Osbourne birthday cake 2013

By now you may or may not know about the ongoing feud between Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne. Even if you know the feud exists, there's a good chance you don't even remember what it started over. I certainly didn't. I'm willing to bet even Gaga and Kelly don't remember what it started over. Isn't that always how feuds go? You get angry at each other for something specific and eventually you're just hurling insults and hashtags without even knowing why. The feud continued on Twitter yesterday, so it's time to refresh our memories.

Apparently these two started going at it after Kelly commented that Gaga looked like she was hiding a pregnancy at last year's Grammys. Gaga's fans lashed out at her with death threats. Meanwhile, Gaga wrote an open letter which Kelly's mom Sharon Osbourne then responded to with an open letter of her own. And this was before this Fall's new “open letter” trend was even a thing.

This weekend Sharon Osbourne ran into Gaga at G-A-Y nightclub in London where Gaga was performing before her appearance on Sharon's show The X Factor. The pair seem to have made up, since they were spotted chatting and Sharon tweeted the following complimentary statement about Gaga.

Gaga also gave Sharon a birthday cake for Kelly, who turned 29 yesterday. But Kelly was not having it.

Gaga responded that she didn't know it was Kelly's birthday until that afternoon and meant it as a “peace offering,” sharing the photo above. Apparently, while Gaga wanted Kelly to eat cake, Kelly wanted Gaga to eat something a little less delicious.

And apparently Kelly was incapable of letting it go and just enjoying her birthday, because she continued tweeting about it, using hashtags like #StefaniStopIt. Gaga eventually encouraged her fans to stay positive.

To be fair, it looks like Kelly is the one who started this all up again in a public forum by tweeting her initial cake question with the ironic hashtag #LoveNotWar, so Gaga didn't even try to make a show out of it, at least at first. But I'm not even going to take a side in this, because I can't believe this back-and-forth is still happening after all this time. I do, however, find it highly amusing that Sharon Osbourne and Lady Gaga are now BFFs while Kelly is fuming over an unwanted birthday cake. Remember when people would deal with their personal disagreements in private and didn't get millions of strangers to take sides? Yeah, those were the days.

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