Is It Just Me, Or Is The Formerly Edgy Lady Gaga Starting To Dress Like An Old Scarecrow?

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I have a lot of good memories with Lady Gaga. They're from back in the day when I still enjoyed her music. This was long ago, when The Fame Monster had just come out, and we thought she could do no wrong. She was still in the normal range of human hair colors, and while she didn't commonly wear pants, her outfits were still edgy. We were all impressed that she and her design team created all her looks through her own Haus of Gaga, and we would happily blast her new songs or tweet about her new videos. She had nowhere to go but up.

Until she went…sideways. I get that there are still millions upon millions of people who are completely obsessed with her, but I'm no longer one of them. When she came out with Born This Way, I was confused. It was like Lady Gaga never read a single one of my letters telling her exactly what I liked about her music, because none of that stuff was featured in the new album. Instead it was this cheesy dance pop that could've been made by anyone. She started dressing like an alien and releasing videos that made absolutely no sense. They were more like LSD trips than music videos, and the cover art was no better. Why are you turning into a motorcycle? What's happening? I need an adult.

But at least she still dressed in a way that was appealing. Cut to right now. I turned my back for ONE MINUTE, and suddenly dear sweet Gags is dressing like an old scarecrow. Her hair is a brassy orange, the only cut-out in her jumpsuit is showing her love handles, and she's wearing a hat and sunglasses that could really only be conceivably used to frighten crows in a cornfield. Ridiculous.

Now, I'm sure I'm in the minority here (and I look forward to your comments telling me so), but I feel like we've lost Lady Gaga. She's gone to a place where many, many fans will follow her, but where no one really should.

(Image: JustJared)