Is Lady Gaga Trying To Morph Into Lana Del Rey?

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When first I saw the paparazzi photos of Lady Gaga‘s new brown ‘do, I was struck by how much the current reigning queen of pop seems to want to look like the current reigning queen of flop, human mannequin Lana Del Rey. And it's not just the hair, either! From crop tops to sleepovers, Gaga seems determined to pull a Single White Female on the embattled adult contemporary star, which is especially strange considering that's generally a move you pull on someone more fabulous than you. Here are some of the many ways in which Lady Gaga appears to be inexplicably coming for Taco Del Rey.

1. The hair, obvi

Her new hair looks a lot like Lana's flowing brown waves, and she even stole her signature flower.

2. The eyebrows

Gaga has rocked all different kinds of brows, but her current ones look suspiciously like Lana's.

3. Hot pants and crop tops

Specifically: t-shirts made into crop tops by tying them into a little knot.

4. Carrying around cute animals as accessories

If you will recall, Gaga has been sporting a puppy.

5. The stalking

Not too long ago, a “source” (named Lady Gaga) told the press that Gaga, LiLo, and Lana were having a slumber party at the Chateau Marmont, actually forcing Lana to clarify that she was not, in fact, participating in their sordid activities, but simply happens to live at that hotel. Coincidence?

All Gaga has to do now is forget how to sing, dance, and smize, and the transformation will be complete.

(Via LittleMonsters)

Photos: WENN.comErez Avissar, LittleMonsters, Lana Del Rey