Lady Gaga And Adam Levine Have Begun A Very Passive-Aggressive Twitter Feud

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Lady Gaga in London September 2013You know what they always say — ain't no party like a Twitter feud party cause a Twitter feud party don't stop. Also you can delete it at any time, claim to have been hacked, or just plain subtweet, which is a new fun term I learned for that thing where you're definitely tweeting at someone, but you leave their name off the tweet to be shady. And passive-aggressive. It's also something that I think Adam Levine and Lady Gaga are up to, but I can't quite tell because they're being goddamn stealthy about it.

The two of them seem to be embroiled in a Twitter war, and other outlets are certainly picking it up that way, but if you'll check out the tweets below, I think you'll agree with me that it's not the clearest of situations. Adam started it, posting something a few days ago that a lot of people feel was a reference to Gaga's 'Applause' video:





I kinda hope he is tweeting at her, because his statement echoes our thoughts exactly. Lady Gaga has totally lost her shock value, and she's just scrabbling around trying to reclaim it. It's awkward, and desperate, and hard to watch. He's right that there wasn't anything new in the video for 'Applause' — it was all images reminiscent of her past work, as if she'd copied and pasted it.

But it really doesn't matter whether I think this was about Lady Gaga or not. Ultimately it comes down to what she thinks. But for once in our lives, the two of us seem to agree, because Gaga tweeted what could easily be interpreted as a response a day after Adam's tweet:



And after that, as if to prove Adam's point, she tweeted out several other unintelligible things which may or may not have been responses. I really couldn't say:




Guys I would love to tell you whether this is a real feud or not, but Gaga is subtweeting so hard that I literally can't tell. She's become such a hardcore parody of herself that I actually can't even interpret it anymore.

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