Happy Labor Day: The Best Movie Quotes About Hard Work

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Labor Day movie quotes about hard work Office Space

Like Patriot Day and Veterans Day, Labor Day is one of those holidays that was designed to highlight the economic plight of so many of our nation's workers, but we've come to regard it as a day off from work/school and, unbelievably, a fashion dictate. Seriously, I had to consult Wikipedia to make sure I knew what this holiday was actually about when drafting this post.

So, how do we tie a day honoring the social contributions of workers to Hollywood? My first impulse was to quote from actors and musicians about what laboring means to them… but, no joke, when I tried to look up “celebrity quotes about hard work,” all I got was insights on working out. And I want to be optimistic and not mean today, so instead of pulling from stars, I decided to go the other route and quote from the screenwriters who put words in these stars' mouths.

OK, and there's one quote about celebrity at the end, because it's great.

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