LA Times Confused Retta And Danielle Brooks, But Only Because All Black People Look Alike

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Last night, while you were busy calculating how much longer the Emmys could possibly go on (hint: the answer was always, “at least 2 more hours“), the Los Angeles Times was busy getting called out on mixing up Retta and Danielle Brooks. What a fun pastime! I wish we could always sloppily mix up two individual women with entirely different sets of accomplishments and lives, presumably because they're both black and happened to be wearing white. Let's do Giuliana Rancic and the sidewalk underneath the Emmys red carpet next!

If you recall, Retta and Danielle look nothing alike at all. And, if you don't recall (because you don't watch either Parks and Recreation or Orange Is The New Black, for shame!) I've gone through the liberty of comparing their photos for you. Just FYI, our photo service also confused the two actresses, which made my search much easier but also much more eyeroll-worthy.

Danielle Brooks Retta 2014 Emmys

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So far, the only similarity that I can see outside of the fact that they're both black is the fact that they are smiling. And, if the LA Times was so completely out of it from this double-award show hell that we suffered through this weekend that they confused every happy person, then my bad. But let's be real, here, and admit that that wasn't the case when this embarrassment happened:

Now, unless that was some wishful thinking in terms of the show's casting, I'm going to call racism. Because, while there are tons of celebrities who resemble each other, things like this are only allowed to happen when there's a lack of desire to identify people correctly. Katy Perry would never be called Zooey Deschanel; it's just constantly pointed out that they have the same vaguely creepy doe eyes. But Retta is automatically Danielle Brooks, and Quvenzhané Wallis is just “Quhdshdelk Sorry, How Do You Pronounce Your Name?”

So in conclusion, LA Times, GIF Retta has this to say:

Retta Watch Yourself

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