Kylie Jenner Wants To Release A Sex Tape, Proving That Class Runs In The Family

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Kylie Jenner Wants to Release a Sex Tape  Proving That Class Runs in the Family GettyImages 488130042 jpg

Kylie Jenner reportedly wants to release a sex tape of her and Tyga, because of course she does.

While big sister Kim wants us all to think she’s a high society, high fashion, classic Hollywood beauty, she likes to forget that she started out as the daughter of a high-powered attorney who hung out with Paris Hilton and got peed on in a sex tape. Kim, you may think we’ve forgotten, but I can guarantee you, we haven’t.

Hollywood Life is reporting that the newly-minted 18-year-old is looking to follow in Kim’s footsteps and that she’s already “made a ton of sex tapes” with her charming and classy boyfriend. Aw! From one bag of trash to another. How sweet.

If you’ve recently eaten, I will forgive you for not reading the rest of this story, because it’s disgusting and you will get nauseous.

A “close source” told OK! Magazine that Kylie and Tyga are “no strangers to having cameras in the bedroom. They love filming themselves, especially because Kylie’s vanity is completely out of control. At this point, they have more than one sex tape to choose from, if Kylie decides to take Vivid up on the offer.” Steven Hirsch, the founder of Vivid Entertainment (who released Kimmy’s tape back in 2007), released a statement offering Tyga and Kylie $10 million for the release of their sex tape when she turned 18. VOMIT.

Kylie is reportedly “flattered that people want to see her naked and she thinks a sex tape would help her come into her own.” WHAT?!

Sorry folks, it gets grosser. The source says: “Tyga enjoys making love to Kylie now that she’s 18. That’s his girl and she’s everything to him. He understands that the industry wants to see them get down and dirty in one big explosive sex tape. He’s down to do that, but he wants more than $10 million. For Tyga to do this, he’s looking for some serious meal tickets and knows he and Kylie can command way more than $10 million. He thinks that offer should be doubled for how he’s willing to get down on film.”

The absolute sickest part about this entire story is that I’m sure her pimp of a mother, Kris, is secretly thrilled about this. After all, a sex tape with a rapper is what made her first meal ticket a multimillionaire. I have to say, out of all the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie is definitely the most annoying and I can’t believe she’s even become a thing. For someone that is only 18, she’s managed to become the biggest famewhore on the planet (that title used to belong to her big sister) and I really did try to feel sorry for her because, frankly, she never stood a chance with the parents and family life she had. But she’s just so vapid and I fear with her growing popularity that this family is NEVER going away, though I do wish they would.

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