Next On Kylie Jenner’s Bucket List Is, Naturally, Posing For Playboy

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Next on Kylie Jenner s Bucket List Is  Naturally  Posing for Playboy Kris Jenner Kylie Jenner The Gallows premiere July 2015 jpg

Another day, another story about how Kylie Jenner is finally getting to do something she’s always wanted to do now that she’s 18. There were rumors that she’s “dying” to release a sex tape with her boyfriend Tyga, but that’s so last week. This week, Kylie’s plans to “solidify herself as the hottest Kardashian” (but she’s NOT actually a Kardashian, in case we have forgotten) by posing for Playboy.

Hollywood Life is reporting that “Kylie feels like shooting a Playboy cover and layout would be the best way to solidify herself as the hottest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan. Since she just turned 18, it would be a like a coming out party for her. She, of course, would want complete creative control over the project and already has a photographer in mind.” But of course, because we all know that Playboy is the place to go for edgy, avant-garde nude photos.

Kim posed for Playboy’s “iconic” December issue back in 2007 as her star was on the rise and it was hilariously chronicled on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’ll never forget the episode — she was afraid people would think she was “only good for taking her clothes off” but then visited Hugh Hefner with Kris and he told her that Marilyn Monroe also posed for the December issue, so Kim decided it was classy and a good career move if Marilyn did it. LOL.

I guess it used to be considered an “iconic” thing to pose for Playboy, but since you can pretty much get the same stuff on the internet for free and at the ready these days, it seems like a sad way for someone to try and revive a dying career and/or grab some attention at the same time, so of course Kylie is into it.

Hollywood Life adds that Playboy is “definitely interested in having her pose for their magazine.” A source at Playboy said that they’d love to have her as long as Kris doesn’t come along for the ride. “[Kris Jenner] was a complete pain in the [butt] at Kim’s shoot. She was in everyone’s business, from the make-up artist to the photographer. If any Kardashian sister was invited to pose, we would gladly work with them on one condition…NO Kris Jenner on the premises.” LOL again.

When I turned 18, I went out to dinner with my parents at The Cheesecake Factory and was really excited to get a manicure AND get myself some Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake IN THE SAME DAY, so I really just.. don’t understand. Kids these days.

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