If Kylie Jenner Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery Yet, Then What’s The Damn Hold-Up?

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Kylie Jenner Instagram photoI'm not usually that offended by the celebrity news that I have to go through in a day, but I'm just getting word that Kylie Jenner is insisting she hasn't had plastic surgery yet, and I just want to know what the hell her family is waiting for.

The Australian version of OK Magazine printed a story in which they had experts analyze ‘before' and ‘after' photos of Kylie and determine whether she'd had any work done. They spoke to two American plastic surgeons, Dr. Robert Guida and Dr. Bruno, both of whom concurred that she'd probably already done some maintenance. Dr. Guida claimed that it looked like Kylie's nose had been narrowed, and Dr. Bruno speculated on the use of fillers in her lips and possibly also Botox around her eyebrows, which would contribute to and explain their extreme arch.

Okay, yes. I'm not a surgeon myself, so I can't do anything but nod vaguely at those allegations, but this all seems in order  to me. After all, Kylie is sixteen. I don't know what you're supposed to have had done by then, but surely something, right? If you haven't started by fourteen, then honestly what are you waiting for? Your skin starts actively shriveling off your face into little points by age fifteen, unless you show it you mean business with a round of productive visits to a specialist.

But you guys — Kylie and her team are denying it, issuing the following statement:

“That’s so ridiculous and not true.”

WHAT. Why? If you're not going to start your plastic surgery by age sixteen in the Kardashian Family, then when are you really going to start? Don't you care about your appearance at all? Does the rest of her family not like her, or what? Considering Kim‘s had Botox, Kourtney‘s had a boob job, Kendall is rumored to have had her lips done, Kris Jenner has had two boobs jobs, a face lift, and wanted Khloe to get a nose job at age nine, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? And those are just the things they've admitted to.

If Kylie seriously hasn't had surgery yet, then what does she talk about with her family members over Thanksgiving dinner? It must be so embarrassing to be the only member of that family still relying on natural beauty.

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