Nothing Good Can Possibly Come Out Of Kylie Jenner Hanging Out At Justin Bieber’s House, Besides Publicity

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Austin Mahone Concert NYKylie Jenner has had quite the busy week. On Tuesday she went to the hospital for trampoline-related injuries and yesterday, according to a photo that was posted to his Instagram, she was hanging out with rapper Lil Za. In Justin Bieber's kitchen.

Look, Kylie, we all make some poor decisions when we're teenagers. When I was 16, I dyed my hair the most awful shade of cherry red, not to mention the clothes that I thought looked cool on me (for the most part, they didn't). But let's look at the facts here: Lil Za, who's not quite 20, was charged with three crimes last month – two for drug possession and one for vandalizing the police station he was being held in because of the drug possession. Then there's the location of her hang out. Earlier this week there was a photo of them together in a restaurant. Apparently they like the coziness of Justin Bieber's kitchen better. You've paid attention to what that kid has been up to lately, right? Without even listing the litany of abhorrent behavior he's partaken in the past year or so, he was recently arrested for a DUI…and he's not even legally of age to be under the influence in the first place.

We all know how much the Kardashian empire loves publicity. They feed off of it like a vampire feeds off of blood. And I don't think that metaphor is even that far-fetched. But typically, they try to keep it positive publicity. Sure, they have lots of drama and relationship issues and everyone questions their lifestyle, but look at Kylie's older sister Kendall. She's been in the news a lot lately, but not for hanging out with a teenager facing nine years in prison – for dating an A list celebrity. Of course the relationship between Kendall and Harry Styles was dreamed up by a PR team (AKA Kris Jenner), but it was a great fakelationship for Kendall's image! Kylie and Lil Za, not so much.

For once, I'm going to side with Kris and say she might know a thing or two about who her teenage daughters should be seen with. She may have been pretty cool about the whole Kim-Kardashian-sex-tape thing, but if her youngest ends up in jail for drugs, I don't think that will do a whole lot for the image of the family. Though knowing the Kardashians, they'd get the television cameras into the courtroom somehow.

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