Who Wants To Place Bets On Whether Kris Jenner Started This Kylie Jenner Paternity Rumor?

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Kylie Jenner Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner Paternity Rumor

There's a new rumor in the always-turning Kardashian Family Rumor Mill today. (It's like a shark; if it stops moving it dies.) But this time the world did a double take when they realized it was about someone with the name Jenner. Apparently now everyone thinks Kylie Jenner isn't the biological daughter of Bruce Jenner, or as I like to call him when I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, “Poor Bruce.”

Will no one permanently lay claim to Kris Jenner's offspring? Or is there something bigger afoot here? Did Kris Jenner realize that the Kimye baby was getting too much attention and create this rumor to give the Jenner girls their day in the sun? Because obviously their magazine jobs, modeling gigs, clothing lines and novel-writing duties weren't enough.

Kylie wasn't going to take these rumors lying down, of course, so she took to every celebrity's favorite ranting platform, Twitter, to vehemently deny the claims:

Kylie Jenner Paternity TwitterBut who wants to bet that while Kylie was typing this, Kris was hovering in the corner rubbing her hands together maniacally saying, “Yes, it's all going according to plan”?

Sister Kourtney Kardashian replied:

Kourtney Kardashian Twitter Kylie Jenner Paternity

And Kim Kardashian, not one to allow herself to be left out of a family controversy, put in her two cents:

Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner Paternity Twitter

We're still waiting to hear what the fetus thinks.

And I bet these tweets made Kris pass out in amazement that her plan was working. So many retweets! So much attention! If only there was some way Kendall and Khloe could be involved. Time, Kris! Just give it time. #ConspiracyTheory

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