Kylie Jenner Got More Likes on Instagram This Year Than You Could Possibly Imagine

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1,057,803,339. No that's not the number of Kardashian/Jenner news items there were this year (even if it felt that way). That staggering number is how many likes Kylie Jenner got on Instagram in 2015. Her 960 posts this year averaged a little over a million likes each. So in addition to every other reason you might be jealous of Kylie, she's probably never had to feverishly text all her friends to go like a photo so it will roll over to 11.

Kylie announced her record number of likes yesterday using the site 2015bestnine.com,  which shows the nine most-liked pictures on your Instagram. Kylie's most-liked shots seem to be a pretty good indication of her year. In the mix are snaps from her graduation, her posing with boyfriend Tyga, her lounging in a bikini on a yacht and the bread and butter of the Kardashain empire – selfies.



Kylie's billion likes beat her sisters numbers (Kim only got a mere 875 million likes) proving that, like in most families, the youngest is always going to have a firmer grasp on what's popular on social media. However, the award for most-liked single Instagram photo still goes to Kendall Jenner for this one in June that got over three million likes.

Maybe Kris can stage an award ceremony for all this social media popularity, if she hasn't done so already.

Kylie's most-liked title will likely roll on to 2016 as she hasn't slowed down her attention grabbing posts. Shortly after she shared her billion likes post, she showed the world her new tattoo. Done in red ink, the tattoo on her hip is the phonetic spelling of “sanity” in red. “Sanity” like in the exact opposite of the fact that Kylie Jenner got a billion likes on Instagram in 2015.

(Photo: Instagram)