Kylie Jenner Went To The Hospital For A Trampoline Accident So Bad She Had To Show Off Her Nail Art To Cope

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Kylie Jenner hospital selfie February 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

You know how sometimes you hurt yourself so badly you have to be rushed to the hospital, and it's so painful that you just have to pull out your phone, take a smizing selfie that shows off your funky nail art and fancy ring, put a black and white filter on it, and post it to Instagram, adding a long caption blaming your sister for the incident and explaining just how painful it was to take the photo? Yeah, I know, it happens all the time. The latest person to partake in this extremely common and understandable trend is Kylie Jenner, who went to the hospital yesterday after a trampoline accident.

If you're wondering just how Kylie managed to hurt herself badly enough to need immediate medical attention, don't worry. Her sister Khloe Kardashian documented it on her Instagram page with a cool collage. Kylie seems to have injured her back, as you can see from the international sign for back injuries she's giving in the second and third photos. Thank God someone was there to photograph it and Khloe was there to share it, otherwise Kylie would get no attention for it. We're so lucky that Instagram exists in case of publicity emergency.

Khloe Kardashian Kylie Jenner trampoline accident Instagram February 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

And before you make a “tramp”-oline joke, don't even bother. Khloe already did it for you, captioning a photo of her and Kim Kardashian, “Lady and the tramp….. You pick who's who.” By the way, she posted that photo after Kylie hurt herself to the point of hospitalization, and after Khloe regrammed her painful selfie. Glad everyone's taking this seriously.

Just another day in the difficult life of Kylie Jenner. If she's not being forced to selfie through her pain, she's developing bipolar disorder after dyeing her hair. Unfortunately she just couldn't go full Bieber with the photo. By that I mean she didn't take the selfie while reclining on a hospital bed.