The 12 Most Ridiculous Responses To Kylie Jenner Being Forced To Do Homework

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So this is the moment that you find out that I follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I can't explain why, but for some reason I feel compelled to follow the movements of EVERY MEMBER OF THAT FAMILY extremely closely. (Except for Rob and Kris and Scott, because c'mon.)

But anyway, that was how I came to discover that apparently today is the one day a year when Kylie actually does school work. We already knew that she and Kendall were homeschooled, and that they supposedly spend about ‘three hours a day' on homework, but I've never seen it in action until this very moment.

Kylie put up the photo at the top of this page with the caption:

this is how I feel about @so_r_ya making me do math right now

Naturally she tagged her math tutor in the post, because that's what normal sixteen-year olds do. I can't tell you how many times I tweeted directly at my high school teachers, because we were just pals like that! (And also, Twitter had totally been invented by the time I was in high school.)

But anyway, Kylie has over eight million followers, and as soon as she tagged someone else in her post, they went totally nuts on her profile, chastising the woman (whose Instagram profile identifies her as ‘Tiff') for making Kylie study. I'm pretty amused by it, so here are my favorites:

kaayylleeee don't make Kylie do math you sick human being. she's obviously pretty enough to not know anything and just be pretty.

I can't decide whether I'd be more thrilled by this if it was a joke or someone's real opinion. Sadly, both are equally valid.

insta_belinda89 I can't believe a Khmer is the Jenner's tutor! Represent haha and btw, you should make your profile private since everyone is always commenting about Kylie …

I can't imagine that's the proper nomenclature…'a Khmer'? Really?

new_bean_ Video of Kylie Jenner sex tape on my page

Excellent point, new bean, thank you for bringing that up.

itaclynesHahahahahahahahaha big mistake @kyliejenner#stopmakingkyliedomath

Because what this situation really needs is a hashtag.

zainabpaikar Don't make kylie do math make kylie follow me

Is there a tutor that could be in charge of just that? Because I volunteer for that job.

tamannaali66 Kakakakaaka

Mmhmm, mmhmm, all great points.

theegingerr Math is fun but dinosaurs are more fun

I'm really glad we have this time together.

jngo1 Omg you are so lucky you know kylie! Are you her teacher? Btw you are really pretty!

Flattery will get you nowhere, jngo.

haiimgeorgiaa I don't understand why everyone is all of a sudden asking you to stop making kylie do math but she is actually my favorite person in the whole world and I revolve my life around her and if you asked her to follow me or even just acknowledge my existence I would be highly grateful because I am literally obsessed with her and it'd mean everything to me for her to know I exist

This all sounds really healthy.

janaelk Make kylie do MORE math!

Reverse psychology…

kardashiansduh Can you please join my comp if you don't mind, you just make an edit of any member from kris to north it doesn't matter and use #dasheditscomp and you can do as many edits as you like x thanks visit my page for more details and prizes

Can't figure out if she's being invited to join her company or her computer. Either way, seems legit. #subscribe

celestefloresrv Make kylie do a lot of math bc i❤️her and ok

Again, love the dialogue we're bringing up. Such great information.