Kylie Jenner Goes To School 3 Hours A Day, Which Hardly Seems Like Enough Time To Study AP Publicity Stunt

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Like any other teenager who's mother wants to profit off of her, Kylie Jenner gets homeschooled for about 3-4 hours a day. Or so she thinks. With such limited time in the classroom, she hasn't yet gotten to the time-telling unit yet. It comes after the money-counting unit and before the convincing-people-keek-is-a-thing unit. So much to squeeze in before she turns 18 and has to spend all her time selling her body. I mean working on her career.

She tells Ryan Seacrest in a casual Uncle Ryan radio interview that she can only do a few hours of school every day because the rest of her day's filled with work. Despite being one of the wealthiest teenagers in this country, her parents are still making her get an after school job. You know, to help her develop a work ethic and learn the value of money. I'm sorry. My fingers just took hostage of my brain and typed that because ration trumps reality. But it turns out that's not why Kylie's working after school. She's working because Mom's deals with the devil don't come free. Do you think failed talk shows just pay for themselves? Nu-uh girlfriend!

An insider (AKA Bruce Jenner) tells Radar Online the juicy deets.

“[Kylie and Kendall] had been attending a very elite private school until last year. The girls were constantly missing school because of business commitments including promotional appearances, and photo shoots. Bruce was absolutely adamant that the girls not drop out of school in order to be home schooled,” the insider told Radar.

While you might be worried that not having an education with hurt Kylie Jenner, fear not because it won't. She's making so much money off of her after-school job, that she's probably already set for life. Sure she won't be able to carry on a conversation at a dinner party full of anti-TV elitists, but she'll be able to rent a conversationalist for the times in life when she needs one.

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