Kylie Jenner Caused A Car Accident Yesterday, Kris Jenner Pitched Karcrashian To E! This Morning

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kylie jenner driving mercedes SVU

Like every other teenager in America, Kylie Jenner got a brand new $125,000 Mercedes SVU for her birthday. And like every other teenager she celebrated her new present by crashing it into two other cars. Okay, okay, that's not fair. She crashed it into one car which then that car hit another car. Thankfully everyone's fine and no one seemed to be hurt. TMZ says Kylie handed her information to the other drivers and then went along her merry little way. Had the police arrived yet? No. But c'mon. Who among us hasn't fled the scene of a crime? And who among us hasn't spoken to TMZ after witnessing an accident?

We spoke to a witness who says Kylie immediately got out of her car — apologized — and asked if everyone was OK.  She eventually exchanged info with the other drivers and left.  Cops arrived to the scene a short time later, but Kylie was already gone.

Here's the thing about being in the wrong at an accident, the cops are such a draagggg. Not only do they grill you with so many questions, but they want you to take responsibility for your actions. Look, if Kylie Jenner was into konsequences, she would've gotten herself adopted out to another family. One who doesn't have four hundred billion lawyers on hand to deal with the aftermath of hitting a car.

While I honestly have no idea if it's actually illegal to leave the scene of an accident, I do know that you're not supposed to for moral reasons. Like you just hit someone, why not hang out a bit, get to know them, make their lives easier when the cops show up by being there. Sure it's not fun to deal with adult stuff, but that's the price you pay when you hit someone with your car. Especially when you're driving a $125,000 car that most adults will never be able to afford.

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