Kyle XY 3.3 “Electric Kiss” – recap

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Kyle XY  Episode 3.3 “Electric Kiss”
January 26, 2009

There is nothing so beautiful as love between soul mates. Nothing can take them apart, no matter the distance or time. Ever since Kyle met Amanda, he has known there is no other one for him. But are they truly meant to be for each other? Will problems make them stronger or pull them apart?

Last Monday’s episode of "Kyle XY” was a test of the love between Amanda and Kyle, and Jessi stands between them.

Jessi moves in with the Tragers and everyone psyches themselves that everything is going to be OK. But Kyle walks in on Amanda while she is in the shower, and Lori realizes having Jessi around is going to be a disaster.

And Jessi proves them all… correct. She listens in on the other kids’ conversations and unintentionally rats them out to Nicole and Stephen.

Without a doubt, Jessi likes Kyle so even though she hates Amanda she ends up hanging around him a lot. And that is sour taste to Amanda’s mouth, especially since she is so stressed preparing for a pivotal piano recital that would bring her college scholarships. She is also having memory problems and her headaches get worse.

Amanda believes Jessi’s presence adds to her tension, so at first she tells Kyle to get rid of his new sidekick. And he tries. But Kyle found out that Amanda’s headaches are caused by a Latnoc device implanted in her brain, and he could not get it out without Jessi’s help.

Unfortunately, getting the neuroblocker in Amanda’s brain is trickier than he thought. How can Kyle take out the neuroblocker without harming Amanda, and without her knowing anything? Jessi’s solution is a hit – dissolve the chemical using electricity, and apply that by kissing Amanda. Easy enough, except how will Kyle know how much power to charge? So he practices on Jessi!

And in walks Amanda! She is so mad at Kyle she tells him they are over. And a heartbroken Kyle apologizes to her and kisses her right before her recital. Kyle successfully removes the device without Amanda being aware of it, and she plays her best ever at the recital. But now, Amanda and Kyle are over.

Meantime, it’s not just Amanda and Kyle that are having couple-issues. Lori and Mark have been secretly seeing each other despite Stephen’s objections. “Accidentally running in” to each other on campus has been a thrill for both of them and they are ready to take the next step. Unfortunately, Michael Cassidy of Latnoc steps in and tells Mark to stop seeing Lori. Lori is devastated but Mark really wants a future with these brilliant scientists at Latnoc.

“Electric Kiss” hints that there may yet be a chemistry between Jessi and Kyle that is under the surface. Kyle is unaware of it, because he was so focused on Amanda. But Jessi can not really hide her feelings. With Amanda out of the picture, will Jessi and Kyle have a chance?

The next episode “In the Company of Men” reveals how Kyle deals with being dumped.