Kudos To The Hunger Games Nail Polish Folks For Coming Up With Such Creative Color Names [Updated]

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The Hunger Games is following The Muppets and Pirates of the Caribbean in getting its own themed nail polish, and you know what? The colors are ones we'd actually put on our nails, and the names for each hue are really inspired. You can bet that China Glaze hired an actual fan to name these.

The colors seem to be split between the drab colors of District 12 — where Peeta, Katniss, and Gale are from — and the glittering Capitol where Katniss and Peeta do their interviews before they officially enter into the Hunger Games. So I would totally wear the dark gray color Joined at the Seam (named for the poor area of District 12), but let's talk about the Capitol colors. [tagbox tag= “The Hunger Games”]

Because so much of that section is about Katniss herself getting beautified, and her stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) coming up with fiery outfits to wear to her interviews, it's fitting that the colors reflect that. I'm really stuck between Fire in Flight and Heat of the Moment.

Thankfully, you'll be able to buy one or all of these colors to wear to the premiere: The collection should be released in February 2012.

Update: A rep from Lionsgate contacted us to clarify that they are not partnering with China Glaze on the nail polish, and they will release more information soon. Intriguing!

Update #2: Now it sounds as if Lionsgate really were involved, considering that the nail polish company American International Industries is suing them for $10 million for breach of contract.

Update #3: Nevermind—Lionsgate officially announced the partnership, so all is well.