Kudos To Jennifer Aniston For Saying No To A Brad Pitt Lookalike For Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns Skit

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Kudos To Jennifer Aniston For Saying No To A Brad Pitt Lookalike For Zach Galifianakis  Between Two Ferns Skit jennifer aniston 621x322 jpg

Could we be reaching the home stretch of the “poor Jennifer Aniston is a loveless spinster” era? Last week she proudly posed with boyfriend Justin Theroux, and today we hear a story from Zach Galifianakis about Jen actually standing up for herself when he wanted to make a joke at her expense.

The way he told it (at last weekend’s New Yorker Festival) was that he had a great plan to use a Brad Pitt lookalike in his Between Two Ferns sketch with Jennifer on Funny Or Die. But when he ran the joke by Jennifer — that Zach would pretend that he thought this guy was actually Brad — she was less than happy.

“She looked at me like, ‘What the fuck?’ And I totally agreed with her. How rude of me to do that! Why would she want to talk about that? She gets inundated with that shit all the time. I totally understood.”

Even if the tabloids continue to spin the story of Jennifer sitting at home crying over her Friends DVDs, this anecdote shows she’s obviously still got power. Consider how Zach didn’t pull any punches when dissing January Jones a few months ago. Either he’s scared of Jennifer, or actually respects her. Six years after her divorce, she deserves at least that much.