KSM’s Read Between the Lines Album Review

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If you haven’t heard of them already, KSM is rocking new girl band who are rising to the top. The five girls (Shelby, Shae, Katie, Sophia and Kate) have gotten the opportunity to go on tour with The Cheetah Girls and most recently, Demi Lovato. The girls were originally just a pop group, but after they were mentored by The Go-Gos, they became the slamming pop rock band that we know now.KSM_Read between the lines

Now, they are preparing to release their debut album Read Between the Lines and seem to continue to get their name out there!

The lead singer, Shelby Cobra really reminds me of Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt days. On this album you really get to see how just how perfect they are as a girl rock band. They really show off their girl power charm.

They’re track “Crazy Over You” is totally the perfect song to rock to while the title track is a great post-breakup song. On “Everytime You Go” you get to hear a softer sound to the girl group, which is refreshing.

I think their song “Saturdays and Sundays” will really appeal to their younger female audience. it’s a lot of fun to jam to and what teen doesn’t love Saturdays and Sundays? Other songs that really stand out on the album are “Unpredictable” and “Don’t Come Crying To Me” which have a way harder sound than the other tracks.

They’re track “Best Friends Forever” is another one of the slower songs and it's pretty sweet. All in all, I think this album really hits at their target audience. It’s a super fun and relatable album and I’ll sure it’ll do well. It’s current available exclusively on iTunes and will hit store shelves on September 22nd. By the way, did you know that their song “Read Between the Lines” was chosen as Single of the Week by iTunes? Good for them! You can check out the album on iTunes here!

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