5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant Star Kristina Robinson, Her Dead Fiance And The Grandmother Who Accused Her Of Murder

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Last night's tearjerking episode of 16 and Pregnant made me want to drive down to Texas and give teen mom Kristina Robinson a huge hug. Of all the horribly sad stories I've heard on this show, this one's by far the most heartbreaking. Not only does Kristina experience an unthinkable tragedy before she gives birth, but she also must deal with that tragedy's aftermath while raising a premature baby.

Her story certainly put my life in perspective and reminded me how lucky I am to have a functioning and supportive family. So grab your tissue box because the facts I'm about to share will make you want to cry for Kristina.

1. John Todd Hight, Kristina Robinson's fiance and father of her unborn child, tragically drowned at the beach while on a vacation with Kristina and her mother in May 2011. Naturally, no one in either family took the news well and their respective relationships with each other began to fall apart as reality settled in.

Kristina struggled so much with her own mother after the death that she moved into Todd's brother Daniel's home. She attempts talking to a therapist at one point during the episode but it's unclear if she planned to continue with that after the cameras left.

2. Before Kristina got pregnant, she was a straight-A student who participated in several extracurricular activities. Obviously the pregnancy slowed her down and during the episode she begins to question if she even wants to finish high school. She visits a community college to discuss her options, but her lack of enthusiasm makes me doubt she followed through.

3. Just when you think things can't get any more bleak for the very clearly depressed Kristina, she goes into labor two months early. While the doctors manage to stop her contractions, they make her stay in the hospital until it's time to deliver the baby. A month later she delivers her son Lukas Todd via c-section. Because the baby arrived 6 weeks early he only weighed 3 pounds, 3 ounces and therefore had to go straight to the neonatal unit. So even though Kristina's finally allowed to go home, her son must stay in the hospital until he's bigger.

4. Although the episode ends on an uplifting note with Todd's mother Tina Hight holding her new grandson, it's apparent that this newly formed family will need a lot of therapy to recover from Todd's death. Especially since Kristina refuses to return home to live with her mother.

However, with that said, Kristina's recent tweet from April 12th shows that she married TJ Head. While it's unclear who TJ Head is or how he knows Kristina, we hope that he's a good husband and father to his very young family.

5. While Kristina may be happier these days, Tina Hight's not. She's so upset about Kristina remarrying so soon after her son died that she started striking out at her via Facebook comments — even implying at one point that Kristina actually killed Todd at the beach. While she later clarified that she said that out of anger at never seeing her grandson, it's obvious that this family's nowhere close to healing their wounds.