Dear Kristin Cavallari: We Get It! The Hills Was Fake! …But What’s That About Justin Bobby?

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Dear Kristin Cavallari  We Get It  The Hills Was Fake   But What s That About Justin Bobby  kristin cavallari the hills fake justin bobby makeout pngMore than for her baby or her questionable acting career, Kristin Cavallari will forever be known as “the bitch from The Hills who spilled the dirt on what was fake.” Of course, MTV‘s reality soap tore down its own curtain in the series finale in 2010, but that doesn’t stop Kristin from sharing more details in every media appearance.

Her latest trip was to Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen subjected her to the show’s “Plead the Fifth” segment. A guest is asked three questions and allowed to deflect one, but Kristin freely answered the first one, about just how fake The Hills was. “Pretty fake,” she laughed, acknowledging that producers definitely told her and the other castmembers what to say and do. “Fake relationships, fake fights… yep. Sorry!”

But things got interesting when Andy asked which of her MTV castmates she regrets dating. “Well, no one,” she responded. “I would say Justin [Bobby], but I never really dated him. I think I made out with him once, and that took a lot of convincing, and finally I was like, ‘OK, I’ll do it.'”

She acknowledged that yes, she made a lot of money, since she was basically an actress… and yes, her distaste for co-star Lauren Conrad wasn’t staged at all. And yet they can still say nice things about each other!

Now, Justin Bobby is one of the most memorable characters in reality TV history, but I do selfishly hope that most of his douchiness was the way he actually is. If I found out that producers were giving him instructions on how to be a greasy-haired, reticent asshole on a bike… well, then I would give them props for knowing how to tickle our funny bones, but then I’d be a little depressed.

In fact, I think that Justin Bobby was trying to warn us of this all along:

Dear Kristin Cavallari  We Get It  The Hills Was Fake   But What s That About Justin Bobby  justin bobby the hills fake gifTruer words, my friend.

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