Kristen Wiig Goes On TV With TP On Her Shoe, Reminds Me To Check Off ‘Make Her My BFF’ On My Bucket List

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Kristen Wiig Steve Carrell Jimmy Kimmel Interview June 2013

On my constantly growing list of celebrities I'd like to live with on a Bravo reality show, Kristen Wiig keeps on moving higher and higher up. Her recent interview with Steve Carell on Jimmy Kimmel Live only reinforced my decision to make her my best friend forever. She went on the show with her co-worker Steve Carell to promote their upcoming movie, Despicable Me 2. As fun as it is to see regular celebrities interviewed by a funny host on late night shows, it's even more fun to see funny people interviewed by a funny host because the LOLs just don't stop. And I'm not jk-ing with you guys here.

First of all, the two walked out with toilet paper on their shoe. I think we all know that's instant hilarity because um, toilet paper goes in the toilet and not on your shoe! Also it proves to people that you went into a bathroom, which means that you did bathroom-y stuff, and that's like very gross. So like I said, we're talking TBS amounts of very funny. And that all went down before they even started talking. Was there a pay-off? Duh. This commercial about the new hot shoe: TP Striders!

But before that happened (I know, we're going way out of order here), they did a little lite bantering about their relationship. Sure, I love Steve Carrell. But not in the reality-show-let's-share-a-bunk-bed-roommate way. More in the yeah-I-would-give-you-a-head-nod-if-I-saw-you-on-the-subway-way. Kristen Wiig, on the other hand, really does what she does best during this interview– makes offhanded comments that crack me up.

Seriously watch this and tell me you don't want to go out to dinner with her…and obvi have Steve serve as your kooky, overly-friendly server.

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