I Wish Kristen Wiig Would Come Back To SNL And Never Leave Me Again

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Kristen Wiig hosts SNL 5-11-13

I don't know if my love for Kristen Wiig clouded my judgement, or if it was the shots of Tequila Rose or if SNL was just entertaining on its own, but I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday Night Live last night.  The entire hour and a half maintained a steadiness with good sketches, good writing, and good performances.  That doesn't happen very often, as we saw with the Vince Vaughn disaster last month.  Of course it doesn't hurt that Wiig is 100% in her comfort zone at SNL, and has only been gone from the show for a year.  Maybe some people are Wiig-ed out (I've actually heard this said a few times…??!), but I'm definitely not.

Also worth mentioning was that the ladies of SNL came alive last night.  They complemented each others' talents nicely, and overall it made for a very enjoyable episode.  Also, anytime a VERY pregnant Maya Rudolph makes an appearance on the show gives it an automatic ‘A' in my book.  Kristen Wiig's promos this week may have been a little “meh” but last night definitely wasn't.  Whew!

Without further blathering from moi, here are my top 5 sketches from last night:

1.) Cold Open: Benghazi Hearing
SNL is at its best when it pushes boundaries, and if throwing Jodi Arias and Ariel Castro in a skit this week in particular isn't pushing boundaries, then I obviously need to look up “boundaries” with Merriam Webster.

2.) 1-800 Flowers
I don't know about you, but I bought a bouquet from this website about 4 years ago, and I was inundated with emails from them for Mother's Day every two hours this week.  Kate McKinnon was awesome, as always.  “It was an Asian porn, Kathleen.”

3.) Target Lady
My absolute favorite of all Wiig's characters, and my future Halloween costume.  I'm also a fan of anything that combines Target Lady and Stayfree Maxi Pads.  Enjoy.

4.) The Californians
Okay, I know I've said before that I'm over this skit.  And I am.  But Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig work so well together here, you can't help but laugh.  (Of course it gets bonus points for featuring the knocked-up Maya Rudolph.)

5.) Acupuncture
You know what we just don't see enough of anymore? Skits like this.  Physical or “slapstick” comedy.  I absolutely loved the impression of “Dr. Chang” and the “Sham-wow” line… brilliant.

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